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We believe in the profound ability of horses to share emotional equilibrium and the pure joy of movement with people. The Pegasus Program: Strong After Breast Cancer is a Pilates-based movement and self-care experience founded on this belief and on the healing power of the horse & human connection as a bridge to deeply trusting your body and vitally reconnecting to your life after breast cancer. 


Join us in Movement.

Inquire about receiving a Pegasus Program Sponsorship for yourself or a loved one. Contact us directly at: 

About the program...

Ready for 75 seconds of uplifting animation? Check out our NEW film and get in-the-know details of our favorite way to return to strength, health, and nature in your life after breast cancer. 

Summer 2022 Highlights

Mother Nature never disappoints. This summer, she served up wind-swept wildflowers and laugh-till-you-cry memories of ant-assisted herb gathering, pink frisbees that only the farmer will find, and the antics of a new Pegasus pony straight out of the wild west (more to come on our new rescue Mustang, Pineapple). All in all, we emerged sun-kissed goddesses, a little better off for the weather.

Our Team.

Meet the Pegasus Healing Horses. These hooved dynamos are the ultimate in honesty, free spirit, and shenanigans. There is never a dull moment if they have their way. Each is a proven expert in their field. Jazz, the unshakable Trailmaster. Pineapple, the Communications litmus test. Appa, the CUDDLE. MONSTER. 




6162 Mutters

Innsbruckland, Austria 

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