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(Breast Self Exam)


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f you haven't signed up for your free monthly BSE reminder from Alpenglow Pilates, it's time to get on the list! Landing in your In-Box on the 5th of every month, our monthly BSE email is a warm and gentle reminder to spend 3-5 minutes checking in with your body. When it comes to breast health, we know a lot, and, therefore, can do a lot! Knowing what is "normal" for your breasts by doing a monthly BSE gives you a shot at catching Breast Cancer early with your own two hands in combination with regular mammography and ultrasound screening.

Welcome to our BSE Resource Page!

We have scoured the web to showcase our favorite BSE videos for empowering tips & techniques on how to get started with a new monthly BSE practice or check in on your current BSE practice. None of the content below was created by Alpenglow Pilates. Instead, we have collected content that we hope invites you to feel informed, uplifted, and "at home" with your breast/chest health. Each video source is credited to its original content owner within the YouTube structure. We want to thank the creators of the included media for their outstanding professionalism and generous hearts in helping the rest of us navigate our breast health with clear communication, creativity, and grace.   
Wishing you Health and Happiness on your journey, 


BSE Basics for Female Bodies

BSE Basics for Male Bodies

BSE Support for LGBTQ+

BSE for Dense Breasts

BSE for Under 40 Yrs. Old Bodies

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Male Bodies
Dense Breasts
Under 40
Female Bodies
BSE Quick Start

BSE with Breast Implants

Breast Implants

BSE after Mastectomy


In Search Of...

We are always looking for new content that is clear, concise, inclusive, and in the best interest of breast health for all. Do you know of a great BSE tutorial that would fit nicely on this site?
If so, please let us know at

We are currently in search of video content that matches our vibe in the following categories:

BSE Support for LGBTQ+
BSE with Breast Implants
BSE after Mastectomy
BSE and Pregnancy
BSE and Menopause
Pictures of the LGBTQ+ Community holding Pink Ribbons
to include in the galleries on this page.

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